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  • AHS currently has 479 felines, 112 canines and four critters in Foster Hero homes.
  • There are nearly 700 AHS Foster Heroes who take in thousands of pets.
  • Foster Heroes provide pets with love and care within their own homes while they heal from injury, recover from illness, gain weight and more before they are ready for go up for adoption.
  • AHS now offers Foster Hero Orientation online! Click here for more information.

Your West Valley

Foster families give Valley animals hope Cecilia Chan, Independent Newsmedia | July 27, 2017
Lisa Futo opens her home to injured strays, nurturing them until they are well enough to be adopted. For the last 10 years, the Valley resident has fostered 52 dogs through the Arizona Humane Society. “It’s really rewarding,” Ms. Futo said. “The shelter is full and when I take an animal out who just needs two months to rest, who block up space, maybe five dogs at that time passed through the kennel. You are really giving the Humane Society an extra kennel here at the house.” Fostering a cat or dog temporarily not only free up needed space at overcrowded shelters for another animal to be saved, it also helps pets that are injured, sick, too young for immediate adoption or who need a break from confinement and a little extra socialization. “While the Humane Society is a wonderful place there are always people walking around and the lights are on,” Ms. Futo said. “It’s like being in a hospital. They recover much quicker when they are at a home in a normal family life. And many were strays or lived outside. This prepares them to be good family members. It makes them better pets.” Currently, Arizona Humane Society has 479 felines in foster care, 112 canines in foster care and four critters for a total of 596 animals in foster care, according to spokeswoman Bretta Nelson.