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AHS Expected to Remain at Yarnell Hill Through at Least Monday

Written by: Kimberly Ring

Yarnel Hill Update

The Arizona Humane Society continues to rescue and shelter animals who have been displaced at the Yarnell Hill Fire. As of Wednesday afternoon, we have 18 animals in our care at our temporary shelter at Wickenburg High School, and we are expected to remain on hand until at least Monday. The families of all 18 animals have been notified and are aware of their pets’ whereabouts.   We currently have 12 staff members on hand, including two veterinarians and two Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™, who continue to work behind fire lines.   We greatly appreciate all the support we’ve received so far and continue to field questions asking how to donate to our Disaster Relief Fund. You can do so here. We remain in great shape with supplies, thanks in large part to Home Depot, which generously donated 500 buckets to our rescue efforts. However, will continue to assess the situation and let you know if need arises.   For the most up-to-date news, visit our Facebook and Twitter pages.  
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July 3, 2013