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New Thrift Partnership Benefits Both Students and Pets

Written by: Kimberly Ring

AHS Branches Out Beyond Animals

The Arizona Humane Society’s new Camelback Thrift Store is proud to announce a one-of-a-kind partnership with Phoenix’s Alhambra High School. The partnership provides a discounted incentive to all students, parents and staff of the school and includes 50 percent off all items under $100, including clothing, household goods and furniture. The students and staff of Alhambra have also been hosting coin drives in order to raise funds and store credit for those students who may not be as fortunate.
  AHS’ Sunnyslope Thrift Store has been a staple in the Sunnyslope community for decades. Since 2011, AHS has more than doubled its efforts with the opening of AHS’ Tempe Thrift Store. The tax-free stores are critical in helping AHS provide lifesaving programs and services to our homeless pets.   AHS also reached out and offered a similar discounted program to Arizona State University and their students at AHS’ Tempe Thrift Store, located at 755 W. Baseline Road. As one of the country’s largest open intake shelters, AHS believes these underutilized partnerships will become a platform for others throughout the country to follow.   “When researching innovative ways to raise awareness towards our newest store, I knew Alhambra High School was right down the road and realized what a great partnership it could be,” said Greg Virga, AHS’ Thrift Store Manager. “What a win-win situation for the students, families and staff, as well as our homeless animals.”   “When we were first approached by the Arizona Humane Society, it did not take us long to accept this amazing offer and to supplement with the coin drives,” said Mr. Coria, Alhambra Principal. “The feedback has been fantastic, and so far dozens of students, as well as their families, have taken advantage of it. We imagine that the partnership will see continued growth.”   About Alhambra High School Alhambra High School is part of the Phoenix Union High School District. The campus is located at 3839 West Camelback Road, northwest of downtown Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Alhambra's enrollment is 2,734 students, just under 80 percent of whom are Hispanic.[2] The school predominantly serves students from partner elementary districts Alhambra, Isaac and Phoenix Elementary, however students from across the district come to Alhambra for its Phoenix Union Magnet Program—Medical and Health Studies.[3]
September 11, 2013