A Bill that Aims to Raise Funding for Spay/Neuter is Headed to the AZ Senate!

Great news! HB 2523, the bill that proposes to raise funding for spay/neuter through a voluntary tax check off, passed the Arizona House by a vote of 42-11-2! Tail wags for everyone who contacted their representatives on this bill! HB 2523 will now be transferred to the state Senate, so be sure to check back here for updates. HB 2523 would do many important things:
  • Curb pet overpopulation and shelter costs
  • Reduce municipal tax burdens due to animal control
  • Reduce euthanasia of adoptable cats and dogs
  • Protect human health against bites from aggressive/stray animals
  • Reduce dangers on roadways due to loose animals
Voluntary spay/neuter contributions would raise much-needed funding to support low-income Arizona families. Monies raised via this voluntary check off program would be administered at no additional cost through an existing fund. Spay/neuter programs are by far the most cost effective use of scarce animal care and control resources. They literally prevent problems before they occur. Three years ago, AHS joined with six other Maricopa County based nonprofits committed to tackling pet overpopulation through Fix Adopt Save. Over the past three years, this coordinated effort has resulted in a 15 percent increase in the number of spay/neuter surgeries performed; which in turn has resulted in a 38 percent decrease in shelter intake and euthanasia rates have plummeted by 71 percent! With your help, we can continue transform Maricopa County into one of the best places to be a pet!

Be a Voice For Animals

February 22, 2017