“One step forward, two steps back” is the best way to describe SB 1248.

Yes, SB 1248 adds transparency and accountability to pet-store sales per our request to ensure the most despicable puppy mills aren't selling animals in our communities. But, it preempts the outright bans on retail sales that our partners, Phoenix and Tempe, imposed - which is disappointing. Under the new law, all Arizona pet stores will be required to disclose the source of the animals on all in-store and online marketing materials. This gives consumers and animal advocates the ability to research the source of the animal and draw attention to those that are breeding animals in deplorable conditions. It also includes a three-strike penalty for stores who continue to buy puppies and kittens from puppy mills. Soon, we will be asking you to join us in helping to educate consumers on need to conduct proper research well in advance of purchasing a pet from a commercial pet store.  Of course, this strategy will be coupled with "adopt, don't shop" illustrating the many benefits of adopting a pet from a shelter. In addition, the law prohibits Arizona’s cities and counties from enacting or enforcing breed-based dog regulations. As we know from other cities around the nation, Breed Specific Legislation (or BSL) is ineffective in promoting public safety and expensive to enforce. This preemption will protect beloved family pets from discrimination and makes Arizona the 20th state to pass a “BSL-preemption” law. SB 1248 Arizona Puppy Mill Laws

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May 25, 2016