It's Time to Stop Protecting Pet Abusers.

Despite the overwhelming support for appropriate penalties for egregious pet abuse, the Arizona Legislature still refuses to act. HB2025 has stalled. And we’re running out of time to get a new bill moving in the legislature. They need to hear from you. And those messages need to start now. Tell them that horrific cases of pet abuse are in a completely different category than low-level offenses that are often lowered from a felony to a misdemeanor – the law is absolutely too lenient. It is unacceptable that someone could kill or torture a family pet and end up with zero jail time and no court-supervised treatment. Our current laws must be stronger, and penalties greater. Please reach out to your elected officials and politely tell them it’s time to stop protecting pet abusers. They need proof of the recent polling that said nearly 9 out of 10 voters support legislative efforts to increase penalties for heinous cases of pet abuse. This fact sheet will make your outreach easy. Click here to determine your legislative district. Find your Representatives' names and contact information here and find your Senator's name and contact information here. You can say, “ My name is _____ and I am a resident in your district. I’m asking for your support on legislation to strengthen penalties for the worst cases of pet abuse. Thank you.” Please, pets in our community are counting on you. Let your voice be heard for those that can’t speak for themselves.

Be an Advocate!

March 11, 2019