Help Protect Animals and Citizen Initiative Rights!

We need your help to stop a slew of bills in the Arizona Legislature that are aimed at dismantling our state’s public initiative and referendum process. These measures, if passed, would devastate citizen initiative campaigns. One measure (HCR 2002) could even enable the Legislature to overturn animal protection laws already passed by voters. Arizona's citizen initiative process is one of our most important tools for protecting animals and helped outlaw cockfighting in 1998. In 1998, voters passed the Voter Protection Act to prevent the Legislature from overturning or weakening initiatives. There have been several referenda placed on the ballot that could have destroyed the public initiative process, but voters overwhelmingly defeated all of them, indicating the strong determination of citizens to defend voting rights. As the latest poll results indicate, Arizona voters strongly support animal protection and our public initiative process. Despite all of these factors, the Arizona Legislature continually attempts to weaken or overturn citizen initiatives, indicating how out of touch lawmakers are with the will of their constituents. Today, the constitutional rights of Arizona voters are under the most intense legislative attack we have seen. In fact, one of the proposed bills could even repeal voter-passed laws that ban trapping and poison on public lands, cockfighting, and the confinement of farm animals. We need your help to ensure we protect our initiative rights, and it is important that legislators hear directly from their constituents. The Arizona House of Representatives could vote on these measures at any time. Please contact your two House members and ask them to vote No on HCR 2002, HCR 2007, HCR 2029, HB 2255, HB 2320, and HB 2404. Click here to determine your legislative district and find your Representatives' names and contact information here. Be sure to mention that you are a resident in their district and let them know how important citizen initiative rights are to you. Thank you for continuing to be a voice for animals and helping to protect this critical initiative process.

Be a Voice For Animals

February 20, 2017