Admissions-by-appointmentOn October 1st, AHS will be implementing an Admissions by Appointment intake model that will give every pet its best chance for success by way of a simple, 30-minute intake appointment.   Admissions by Appointment marks an end to long lines, long wait times and the crowded and chaotic counter process where animals are turned over to AHS admissions with little detailed information being exchanged. Under this industry-leading admissions model, individuals will call AHS’ Pet Resource Center – an empathetic team of trained professionals who will conduct one-on-one phone consultations – and hear about options available beyond surrendering their pet that may allow them to keep their pet in their home or out of the shelter environment, opening up additional shelter space and resources that will enable AHS to better care for the sick, injured and abused pets who need us most.   Should an owner determine that alternative resources do not best address their situation and want to continue with the surrender process, they will schedule a convenient appointment time that fits their schedule. During their appointment, AHS’ team, including an admissions specialist and behavioral and medical experts, will have a transparent conversation with the pet owner explaining their pet’s likely outcome should the pet be surrendered, which will help determine the best option for both the pet and owner.   We believe that the pets, as well as the owners, will have a far less stressful exchange, and most will ultimately have a better chance of getting necessary care, adapting to the shelter and finding a new home. Most importantly, Admissions by Appointment will help us save the lives of thousands of animals each year.   We invite you to watch the video found below and learn how Admissions by Appointment will benefit both the pets and people of our community. Learn-More
September 25, 2014