News Highlights:

  • AHS rescued 217 pets earlier this year from a horrible case of neglect at a local Phoenix boarding facility. Among those pets was Remi, a 4-year-old Chihuahua with Ringworm and other medical issues.
  • Remi was found to have had a microchip that linked back to his original home in Florida, which is another great example of microchips saving lives! His owner's home was burglarized years ago, and unfortunately, Remi was the most precious item stolen.
  • AHS contacted Remi's dad and he could not wait to have his beloved pup back home. He knew that his sons would be just as thrilled and decided to surprise his younger son.
  • AHS Volunteer Tricia so generously offered to fly with Remi back to Florida once he was medically cleared, and presented the furry surprise that was Remi back to his family!
  • We cannot thank Tricia enough for reuniting this family, as well as ABC 15 for sharing the story. It truly takes a village! Watch the full heartwarming reunion here.

ABC 15