News Highlights:
  • AHS Field Operations Supervisor and Animal Cruelty Investigator, Ruthie, shares that there are no specific regulations that apply to dog breeders in the state of Arizona.
  • In many cases, people purchase pets from breeders online that they have limited online contact with, and later find that the pet they have purchased is sick. Unfortunately, they do not have enough information about the seller to report suspected animal cruelty for denying a pet medical treatment.
  • Anyone owning an animal is subject to Arizona State 13-2910, which focuses on animal cruelty and neglect. This law requires that animals have adequate access to medical care, food, water and shelter. Despite this law, there are no regulations on how many dogs a person owns, how they are bred, or how they are sold, meaning there are virtually no regulations on dog breeders in Arizona.
  • AHS encourages adopting a pets from shelters or rescues, where the pet’s living conditions can be seen and medical history will be provided.