News Highlights:

  • Randi Chan adopted her dog, Sake, from AHS on July 1 and has since then seen an improvement in her mental health. Chan went from working 12 hour days with no break in her home to finding a way to go outside safely and spend time with her new furry companion.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has brought awareness to the importance of adoptions and fostering. In order to safely adopt, AHS has implemented an appointment based process where adoption experts call prior to the scheduled appointment and inform potential pet owners on the background of the pets they are interested in meeting. Click here to learn more about AHS’ updated adoption process.
  • With this new process amidst the pandemic, AHS has seen the number of pet returns plummet while the number of families fostering has increased.
  • While returning to work is inevitable, AHS recommends setting a routine with new pets that can easily be executed even with pet owners' work schedule.

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Adopt a Pet!

October 8, 2020