[caption id="attachment_10782" align="alignright" width="250"]Phoenix City Council Phoenix City Council voted Dec. 18 on banning the sell of puppies from puppy mills.[/caption]

Phoenix passes a new ordinance for animal welfare.

After nearly two hours of debate, the Phoenix City Council voted 5-3 in favor of passing an ordinance spearheaded by Councilmembers Thelda Williams and Tom Simplot and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to ban the sale of puppy mill pets in pet stores and require pet stores to only sell animals that have come from shelters or rescue groups. The ordinance will go into effect 30 days from today.   This is a significant day in animal welfare as this victory opens the door towards greater awareness of shelter pets while also giving them increased outlets for adoption. Additionally, it's another step towards combating the extreme pet overpopulation crisis in Maricopa County and ultimately saving more lives. Phoenix will join many other cities, including Los Angeles, San Diego, El Paso and Austin that have implemented similar laws.   We'd like to recognize the efforts of HSUS and the Members of the City Council – Mayor Greg Stanton and Councilmembers Thelda Williams, Tom Simplot, Daniel Valenzuela and Michael Nowakowski – who helped Arizona become a leader in animal welfare.   We'd also like to give a special thanks to everyone who pitched in at the last minute and contacted their Council representative to encourage their support for the ordinance. You made a real difference and helped save the lives of homeless pets today. Thank you!
December 19, 2013