As day four of AHS' Yarnell Hill Fire efforts draws to a close, AHS' temporary animal shelter located at Wickenburg High School remains populated with 20 beloved pets. Pets like Rooster, a 14-year-old Aussie mix, whose pet parents visit regulary taking him out on short walks and cats like Cali who was rescued by the Colvin's neighbor after the fire tore through their home, sparing only their nearby motor home which Cali was hiding under. Cali's parents also visit regularly and that is the only time she will eat her food.

Dog and Man reunited at yarnell firecat and people

  Despite all they have been through, the people in this community are pulling together and for some, like the Johnson family, today brought a glimmer of hope as they learned that their house was still standing. And who did they tell first? Their dogs, Precious and Oreo, of course!  

As the family was celebrating, AHS' Emergency Animal Medical Technicians were continuing their rounds in Yarnell and Peeples Valley as they checked more than 20 addresses for pets left behind. While not all animals were found, our EAMTs were able to leave food and water for many of those patiently waiting for their parents to return.


As for the rest, they will be lounging comfortably in the weight room at Wickenburg High with their chew toys and treats until they are able to go back home... no matter how long it takes.

If you would like to learn more about the Arizona Humane Society's disaster relief efforts in Yarnell or donate to our fund, you can visit
July 4, 2013