1. When I was just a few weeks old, someone tossed me in a dumpster. I was really scared and sad and my leg hurt SOOOO badly. 2. I had almost given up hope that someone would find me, but then one of AHS’ Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ rescued me and took me back to the Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™. The caring doctors there told me I had a skin infection and explained why my leg was so sore – it was broken. 3. I eventually wound up going into a foster home with this really nice woman named Sue. She was so great! She fed me from a bottle every few hours to make sure I got big and strong. 4. One of my best friends is a guinea pig named Corn (check us out playing together below). It’s weird though, I think I like him more than he likes me. 5. I now live in Phoenix and my new home is awesome! My people say I’m spunky and playful, but I think my best trait is my set of beautiful, brown eyes. Daffy2daffy1  
March 31, 2016