News Highlights:
  • With spring just around the corner, the Arizona Humane Society is preparing for the upcoming kitten season by hosting a virtual “Kitten Shower”.
  • Participants are able to donate through Amazon Smile, some supplies that are needed include kitten formula, nursing kits and scales.
  • Last year, AHS took care of more than 2,000 bottle baby kittens.
  • Some other ways you can help these homeless kittens and save lives are to become a bottle baby foster hero, volunteer in our bottle baby ICU, donate to our kitten nursery and bottle baby ICU, and by making sure not to kit-nap kittens.
  • Between staffing, medical care, vaccinations, toys, litter, food, and other supplies, it costs more than $500,000 a year to operate the Kitten Nursery and Bottle Baby ICU.
March 29, 2021