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3TV & FOX 10: Dog Reunited with Family in New Mexico, Thanks to AHS Volunteer and Microchip!

Written by: Kimberly Ring

News Highlights:

  • AHS Volunteer, Jeff, drove 400+ miles to reunite Steve the Toy Poodle with his family!
  • Steve, a 4-year-old Toy Poodle, had been missing from his home in New Mexico for almost one week. He somehow found his way out of his family’s backyard and into AHS’ Sunnyslope Campus, a whole state away, after he was brought in as a stray.
  • Luckily, Steve had a microchip which allowed AHS’ Pet Reunite Specialist to get in contact with his family! As relieved as they were to hear that their furry friend was safe, they were unfortunately unable to come to Arizona to retrieve him.
  • Determined to reunite Steve with his family, AHS asked its dedicated volunteers if anyone was able to make the long trek to New Mexico. Volunteer Jeff jumped at the chance and after more than six hours in the car, Steve was back in his owner’s arms getting lots of hugs and kisses!
  • This reunion would not have been possible without Jeff, and of course, Steve's microchip! This microchip was what lead AHS' Pet Reunite Specialist to connect with Steve's family and ultimately bring him back home. Last year, we reunited 718 dogs and cats with their families, largely thanks to microchips.
  • AHS microchips dogs and cats prior to adoption and offers microchips to owned pets at AHS' Veterinary Clinic locations.
  • Through partner collaboration, we reunite lost pets like Steve with their owners, place pets in foster, rescue and permanent homes, and reduce overcapacity in other shelters.


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