Nine 1-week-old puppies rescued from storm drain!

AHS EAMTs Cynthia and Andy joined efforts with Avondale AZ Police Department Animal Control Officers to rescue nine 1-week-old puppies who were trapped 150 feet down a storm drain near 99th Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road in Phoenix. The mother was reported wandering around in search of food when Avondale's Animal Control Officer showed up on scene and heard the puppies crying. The puppies could be heard about 150 feet down in a storm drain under a grate that was welded shut. After multiple attempts to remove the gate, a crew from the City of Phoenix was finally able to break the weld, allowing rescuers to reach the puppies. AHS' EAMT, Andy, says, "The mother likely gave birth to the puppies in the drain. She had been leaving and going upwards of a mile away just to try and find something to eat and then come back to her puppies. She was really thin, too, so if we had not been able to get out there and get everybody, I think mom would have ended up eventually dying of starvation or dehydration.” The puppies and their mom were all immediately transported to our Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital were they were reunited and are currently being cared for. As soon as the mother was reunited with her puppies in the kennel, she immediately curled up with them. Check out the full story by the West Valley View: Puppies rescued from storm drain puppies rescued from storm drain From storm drain crawling puppy rescues, to dumpster diving to save baby owls, our EAMTs are always willing to go above and beyond for animals in need 365 days a year. You can support more lifesaving rescue like this by donating now.

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UPDATE: 8/10/16

Sky, the mom rescued with her 9 puppies from a storm drain, has found her fur-ever home!

Sky's new mom has updated us on how she is doing, "Thank you for such a well-mannered beauty. She went on her first road trip and visited Buffalo Park in Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. She did super well with a few people wanting to pet her and she didn't chase the squirrels. On the 19th, she gets to go on a boy scout family camp-out, I hope she enjoys it. Thank you again for taking in such a wonderful girl and helping her find us.” sky2 Collage
May 24, 2016