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Arizona Gives Day: Make a Lifesaving Gift For Pets Like Zoey

Written by: Kimberly Ring
522796 (2)Zoey was rescued by AHS’ Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ in October in serious condition after being hit by a truck. The 1-year-old Great Dane had rolled under the vehicle and was unable to walk as she was suffering from a shattered elbow and a severe case of road rash along her legs and back. Our EAMTs sprung into action and brought Zoey to AHS’ Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™, where our skilled veterinarians discovered the malnourished pup, who weighed just 86 pounds, also had elevated liver enzymes and would need treatment to prevent kidney failure. Two elbow surgeries and several months of care in a foster hero home have brought Zoey back from the brink of despair, and the gentle giant now enjoys receiving daily belly rubs and playing with other furry friends as she continues her recovery in foster care. As Zoey prepares for her special adoption day in the coming weeks, you can help save more lives just like hers tomorrow. Join AHS in celebrating Arizona Gives Day  -- a powerful 24-hour online giving experience that unites Arizonans around causes they believe in  -- by making a lifesaving gift at AHS’ Arizona Gives Day website. It has cost nearly $7,000 to save Zoey's life, and your gift will provide critical care to other ill and injured animals in need of a second chance. 522796 Please be sure to share Zoey’s story with your friends, family and coworkers and ask them join you in supporting the Valley’s homeless animals. If AHS finishes the day with the most money raised, we can win thousands of additional dollars to help even more pets like Zoey. Thank you for giving hope to Zoey and thousands of other pets in need.


*Please note to leave the charge date as April 5th in order for your donation to count toward bonus prizes.

March 29, 2016