Talk about a transformation!

When AHS' Emergency Animal Medical Technicians found Cotton, a 2-year-old Poodle, camped out under a car, it was clear that the scraggly pup had been living as a stray for a quite some time. He was severely matted and and had twigs embedded in his fur. Needless to say, this poor boy was in desperate need of a groom. Along with the many lifesaving programs and services AHS has to offer, AHS’ Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital is dedicated to providing care for animals with nowhere else to turn. Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital Pet Groomer and Docent Volunteer, Lisa, took this pup under her wing and transformed him into a whole new dog! During his groom, Lisa discovered Cotton was injured with scrapes and contusions to the right side over his rib cage and a puncture would to his left shoulder. Cotton was treated for his woulds in our Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital, and after receiving medical treatment and getting primped and trimmed, Cotton had a whole new outlook on life. Through the fur and mats revealed an charming, sweet boy with so much love to give. Cotton was adopted this past Friday and will continue living the life he deserved all along with his wonderful new family in Scottsdale, Arizona. cotton collage

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March 13, 2016