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Fur-ever Family Photos: You Know Your Pet is Human When…

Written by: Kimberly Ring
Does your pet think they are human? Due to the amount of unconditional love we have for our pets, we often refer to them as our fur-children...but how true really is that statement? This past week on Facebook, we have received some very adorable pictures from our Facebook friends of their very own human-like fur-children. Here are our top 10 picks of the week: You know your pet thinks they are a human when...   ... they check their Instagram accounts. humanpet1     ...they get nervous before dates. humanpet2     ...they notice when they gain some feathers. humanpet3   ...they refuse to walk around without clothes on. humanpet4     ...they couldn't possibly sit on the dirty floor. humanpet5     ...they offer dating advice. humanpet6     ...they turn down play time so their nails can dry. humanpet7     ...they try to convince the bartender that they are 21. humanpet8     ...they enjoy a dip in the pool but don't want to get their hair wet. humanpet9     ...they can't fall asleep without a bed time story. humanpet10  
January 12, 2016