AHS has Taken in More Than 200 Dogs and Cats in Need of Medical Attention. We Need the Community's Support and Action, Now More Than Ever!

Over the past few weeks, AHS' Emergency Animal Medical Technicians and Animal Cruelty Investigators have rescued dogs and cats from a boarding facility, where they were kept in poor living conditions and some are in need of immediate medical attention. This means we are running desperately low on kennel space and resources to care for both the new pets, and those who are currently in our shelters. Now more than ever, we need your help! Our focus is to take care of and find new homes for the pets currently in our shelters, so that we can take our time treating and rehabilitating the pets we have taken in. Here's how you can help with our current pets:
  1. Adopt: If you have been considering adding a new pet to your pack, this may be the sign you've been looking for! Please click here to see our current adoptable pets. Each pet profile will show the pet's age, breed, size, personality traits, and requirements for adoption.
  2. Foster: When you become an AHS Foster Hero, you become a part of saving not only the life of your foster pet(s) but also those who can now be cared for by freeing up kennel space! If you are not already a Foster Hero, our awesome online Foster Hero Orientation is super fast, easy, and convenient. Our goal is to place all foster pets by Sunday, February 18, 2018. Can you help us reach our goal?
  3. Volunteer: As all of our shelters are at capacity, we are in need of more hands on deck to help our pets! We will need dedicated, compassionate volunteers for all roles.
  4. Donate: Your support is so important to us in every way, and all gifts mean the world to the pets we are caring for at this time and those in the future. When you make a gift to AHS, you’re saving the lives of pets in our community.







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