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Kuboo: New 3D Game for Kids Features AHS Pet Adoptions

Written by: Kimberly Ring

Kids learn compassion with Kuboo

Looking for a fun way to teach your children about the responsibilities of pet ownership? The Arizona Humane Society has partnered with, a virtual 3D game environment, to create an online pet rescue adoption game where children can adopt a dog and learn how to be a caring and responsible pet owner. 

Children will pick out their virtual rescue pet and then must care for their new friend with regular feeding, bathing, brushing and more. The game will even feature video tips from the Arizona Humane Society's veterinarians and staff! 

Kuboo Rescue Adoption is designed using the Arizona Humane Society's principles, with a focus on empathy, compassion and respect for animals. As we strive to become the animal welfare community of the future, the Kuboo partnership will introduce multi-dimensional learning that teaches younger children through the virtual practice of pet care. 

Kuboo, a patent-pending, 3D Virtual World for kids, is a fun, safe game world for children to interact and learn with their friends. Parents have complete control over how and with whom their children meet, making it the perfect site for children of all ages! Signing up is easy and completely free! Just visit, complete the simple online forms and download the game. 

Your child will love learning about pets in this amazing virtual world. Try-It-Now-Blue-Rounded
February 10, 2015