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Baby goat stuck

12 News: AHS’ EAMTs Save Baby Goat in Two-Day, Six-Hour Rescue

Written by: Kimberly Ring
News Highlights:
  • AHS Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ Andy Gallo and Sydney DeJoy responded to the scene to find that a goat had fallen into a 250 foot long irrigation pipe, but had no idea where he was located exactly. After two hours, they had to reluctantly abort the rescue until they could return the following day with a snake camera to try to find the goat’s location.
  • The following day, Wednesday, August 18, EAMTs™ Andy, Gracie Watts and EAMT™-in-Training, Savana Wilcox, returned to the scene first thing in the morning armed with a snake cam, PVC pipes, shovels and a sledgehammer to break through the concrete and 12-inch irrigation pipe. The EAMTs™ had to attach approximately 100 feet of PVC pipe to the snake cam in order for it to reach further into the irrigation system, but were still unable to locate the exact location of the 8-month-old goat.
  • They then began digging for three hours in between two properties and finally spotted the goat about five feet from them.
  • At approximately 1 p.m. on Wednesday, August 18, the baby goat was reunited with his goat friends as the skies opened up in a torrential downpour.
  • Learn more about AHS’ Animal Rescue Services.
August 20, 2021