We’re about to save a whole lot more lives

Two dogs and cat on orange background

Maricopa County used to be one of the worst places to be a pet

In 2013, the Valley was facing the second worst pet overpopulation crisis in the country. Unwanted dogs and cats suffered on the streets. Healthy pets were being abandoned and euthanized.

Back then, the Arizona Humane Society was a large shelter saving thousands of homeless animals—as many as we could. But there were still many pets with treatable illnesses being euthanized throughout the state.

We knew a radical shift was needed to save more animal lives. So, here at the Arizona Humane Society, we began launching lifesaving programs to treat more pets—to save the animals other shelters would call a “lost cause.”

…And it worked.

Now, Maricopa County is leading the pack

Two vets hold a young dog with stethoscope

Since 2013, we’ve decreased euthanasia by 82%.

By starting multiple medical and community programs, we’ve saved an additional 115,000 lives here at the Arizona Humane Society. Maricopa County has gone from one of the worst places for pets to one of the best. With the help of our supporters and animal welfare partners, we’re transforming animal welfare in Arizona.

We’re committed to the same vision we’ve held since 1957: to end animal suffering in Arizona. And with this momentum, it’s finally time to take our next big step toward that goal.

Introducing the Papago Park Campus

Construction has begun. Coming in early 2023, this new facility will change the game for pets in Arizona. It will increase our trauma care capacity by 25%—that’s thousands more sick, injured and homeless pets who will get a second chance at a happy life!

The campus will also serve as a hub for adoptions, fostering, education camps and dog training classes to provide these services to even more of the Valley.

rendering of AHS building exterior

AHS is far more than a rescue shelter

This new facility will allow us to expand our lifesaving programs and provide a wider safety net for the Valley’s most vulnerable pets. Here’s a look at our cutting-edge programs that have transformed animal welfare in Arizona.

EAMT rescuing young dog

Our EAMTs™ rescue pets 365 days a year

6,501. That’s how many pets our Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ (EAMTs™) brought in via ambulance rescues last year. When an injured pet is reported in the Valley, this team is there to save them.

But it doesn’t stop there—we fight for animals across Arizona, from taking down abusers in thousands of animal cruelty cases and advancing legislation that protects pets.

a kitten is bottle-fed in a blanket

Our trauma hospital treats pets who’d be euthanized in other shelters

When an injured stray pet is brought in, they receive lifesaving treatment at our Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™. And our innovative special intensive care units are also saving the lives of pets who would be euthanized in other shelters:

  • Our Bottle Baby ICU and Kitten Nursery provide round-the-clock care to newborn kittens
  • Our Mutternity Suites provide a calm space for pregnant and nursing dogs
  • The Parvo Puppy ICU provides a safe place for dogs with contagious diseases to recover

These programs have allowed us to reduce euthanasia by 82%!

All so that homeless pets can find their forever homes

Thanks to pet lovers like you, we’re soon going to be finding loving homes for homeless animals at a level not yet seen before in the Southwest. Here’s a taste of the lifesaving work that’s happening at the Arizona Humane Society every day:

The future is bright for Arizona pets

We’ve come so far in such a short time—and so has our community. To match these big developments, we’ve adopted a new look and feel for our organization, and even rebuilt our website.