Disaster Preparedness

Steps to Emergency Preparedness

  • Prepare
    • Make sure your pet is microchipped and wearing a collar with up-to-date ID tags.
    • Assemble your emergency kit.
    • Find a safe place to stay ahead of time, such as a friend’s house.
    • Plan for your pet in your absence.
      • Give a key to a trusted neighbor, friend, or family member.
      • If you use a pet-sitting service, find out in advance if they will be able to help in case of an emergency.
      • Make sure that whoever is taking care of your pet knows his or her feeding and medication schedule.
  • If You Evacuate…
    • Evacuate as early as possible and follow your local authorities recommendations.
    • Sign up for evacuation alerts.
    • Always remember: If it isn’t safe for you, it isn’t safe for your pets!
  • If You Have No Option and Stay…
    • Bring your pets indoors ASAP.
    • Block unsafe hiding spaces.
    • Move dangerous items, such as tools or toxic products, out of your pet’s reach.
    • If possible, designate a safe room to store all your pet’s food and supplies for easy access.
    • Listen to the radio, TV news, and social media for updates.
  • After the Emergency
    • Don’t allow pets to roam alone, as familiar smells and sights may have changes and pets may get lost.
    • Keep dogs leashed or cats crated while you assess the damage outdoors.
    • If flooding occurs, check your home and yard for wild animals and unsafe objects.
    • Be patient with your pets!

Emergency Checklist

Do you know what your pet would need if an emergency struck? Have all of these supplies in one place and ready to go in case of emergency.

  • Food/Water for 1 month
  • Bowl/Can opener
  • Medications/Medical records
  • Pet first-aid kit
  • Feeding and medical schedules
  • Veterinarian contact info
  • Litter box, litter and scoop
  • Doggy bags
  • Leash/Harness
  • Carrier/Crate
  • Blanket
  • Toys
  • Current photo of you with the pet and description

Optional: Newspapers, paper towels, plastic trash bags, grooming items and household bleach. Additional gallons of water will always be useful, too!

Pet Alert Window Stickers

In case of fire or other disasters, AHS’ Pet Alert window stickers ensure that first responders know to locate and rescue your four-legged family members. You can pick up stickers at either our Nina Mason Pulliam South Mountain Campus or our Sunnyslope Campus—just ask at the desk!

Emergency Response

As the state’s designated responder for animals in distress during natural disasters and emergencies, AHS is called to set up temporary shelters where needed while our EAMTs™ apply their FEMA and Wildland Firefighter training to save lives.

  • Past Deployments
  • 2021
    Gila Bend Flooding
    Backbone Fire
    Telegraph Fire

    Ocotillo Fire

    Woodbury Fire

    Hurricane Harvey

    Cedar Fire

    Yarnell Hill

    Wallow Fire
    Monument Fire

    Hurricane Katrina

    Holbrook/Rodeo Fire

  • AKC Pet Disaster Relief Unit
  • In 2015, AHS received a Pet Disaster Relief Unit from AKC Reunite through their Canine Support and Relief Fund. This two-axle trailer containing materials to set up an emergency shelter for pets and service animals will be critical in our emergency relief efforts.

    We are so grateful for the Scottsdale Dog Fanciers Association, Superstition Kennel Club and all of the local AKC clubs who selected AHS to receive this gift and worked to raise some of the funding. A group of 11 Arizona animal rescue groups worked to raise funds, which were then matched by AKC Reunite.

  • BISSELL Pet Foundation National Shelter Alliance
  • In 2021, AHS was named the Arizona state representative of BISSELL Pet Foundation and Code 3 Associates’ National Shelter Alliance. The Alliance is a national network of shelters who come together to prepare communities for disaster by providing other shelters throughout their state with consistent access to crisis management and stabilization.